Drow Ranger


6ft tall
135 pounds
Bluish Ebony skin
Long White hair
Red Eyes


Born into slavery Shri fled Xen’Drik with her sister Nulla’lochar. Together they searched for a means to free their kin. Nulla’lochar went on to study magic while Shri learned the ways of nature and battle. As a ranger, she would free her people by force.

Dispite separate teachings, the sisters remained close. They were young and time was on their side. But on the eve of Nulla’lochar’s birthday, she failed to show up at their usual meeting place. What began as waiting turned into searching. Days turned into weeks. Weeks to months. Nulla’lochar was nowhere to be found.

25 years passed. Shri, now fully wise in the ways of a ranger looked back to freeing her people. She had to face facts that her sister was no more. But after 5 years, Nulla’lochar popped up. Shri had many questions but Nulla’lochar would only answer so many. She said she found the answer for their kin. She instructed Shri to find a man named Argon Vanhammer and return to Xen’Drik with him.


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